The Sussex Armoury ltd.The first company in the UK registered way back in the 1968 to sell replica guns, swords and knives – dormant for many years yet still active.Listed here are one-off pieces .Pictures can be viewed and brand new examples are available from Here are some old favourites offered at great prices:Please remember some are 2nds reduced items, At present only via mail order, when paid by cheque, PO or cash in a registered envelope NOW YOU CAN PAY WITH PAYPAL. a it is advisable to ring, text or email me for availability,If you are LOCAL within say 10 miles i can either deliver to you or arrange a time to call in and collect – Graham Barton, mobile 07831 635 786; 

  Practise steel curved blade for Japanese Katana –  I also have JAPANESE sword fitting sets available, boxed from £19.  some very unusual lanyards too.

..Airsoft Striking Target: boxed £5Net Catcher version: .... not VCR ACT IS SUPER 8 MINI XXM177 BB FIRING: Battery operated soft air gun £12       Over 18 only.

. ...... So dear customer – I appreciate this list does not put me firmly into the 21 century – my sons ironically call me ‘techno Dad! I can probably email or from my fone send you a picture. It might even be of the right piece you want to see!!! However....... I will give you a full refund without question if you’re not completely happy with your purchase. I will keep your name and address on file and regularly update this list and when I am dragged into website, shop, Facebook and stop wishing we still had crisps without those little blue packets of salt inside! I will still answer my fone.Do feel free to contact me. Yes, I can do email...or voicemail... You must be over 18 and confirm this before i can send your order and let me have information in writing on the V.C.R ACT defense you have if relevant.Oops! Nearly forgot: Post and Packing is £6.50 on all guns, swords and daggers. Smaller items £3

LATEST NEWS: IS THE GUN HALF FULL OR HALF EMPTY??Half a gun: why? Well if you don’t want or won’t subscribe to the V.C.R. Act and are not a fan of bright orange, then a full-sized half gun in original finish moulded in realistic fibre glass is perfectly legal to buy and own. Great for Badge Collectors or as a wall hanger: Choose from Colt 45 Auto, Glock 17 or a Browning High Power: £12....... POST AND PACKING ON ALL HALF GUNS £5.......Also in stock as a half gun: H&K MP5K: £19.

I am Graham Barton.....the Sussex Armoury ltd  ... email:[email protected] Sparta Shield as seen on the 300 Movie this is the licensed version has seen battle damage! shield intact but surface around edge cracked and missing...not a lot of work to patch up and get back to the Battle. big lump for just £30  A small quantity of desert storm blazer patches at £2 each......... call me on 07831635786 for details   IF YOU WANT TO VIEW ANY ITEM GIVE ME A CALL AND I WILL ARRANGE A TIME FOR YOU.

................. 2007 VCR ACT. ........................            

The replica guns are sold as props for film, theatre and re-enactment use. Sussex Armoury can only ship them to a UK address via courier ...........excluding the Isle of Man, Isle of Scilly and the Channel Islands as no airline will accept them. Sorry we cannot send them outside of the U.K. They are made to look and feel realistic and although they are made from metal, it is not a gun metal and they are designed so they cannot chamber or fire any rounds of ammunition. They are designed for film prop and re-enactors use, they have moving parts, although excessive use will wear the parts out, worn out parts are not covered and the manufacturer does not make or supply spare parts.

Please read the following restrictions. Due to the current British law it is illegal to sell this reproduction firearm to anyone apart from to the following people or organisations;

Museum or gallery

Theatrical performances

Films and television programmes

Historical re-enactments events

Members of re-enactment or military vehicle groups

Crown servants for the purpose of employment

 proof that you fall into one of these groups must be supplied before we can send your order. Acceptable proof would be;

A letter from the museum or theatre company

A letter from the commissioning film/TV company

A copy of your re-enactment/military vehicle membership card and relevant insurance certificate

Proof of requirement for use in conjunction with employment (Crown Servant) e.g. Letter from commanding officer/manager confirming the use is for the purposes of employment such as training. Even then Sussex Armoury reserves the right to refuse any order. This Law is Draconian and must be adehered to by everyone.You must of course also be over 18 and provide proof of that.                 SAMURAI SWORDS. 

Under UK law it is illegal to sell any curved swords with a blade over 50cm unless they are -

Hand forged in a traditional method,

Is an antique over 100 years old,

Is a samurai sword made prior to 1954.

Any curved swords that do not fall into these 3 general exemptions may only be sold to those who have a specific reason for owning the sword. These reasons must be verifiable on request and are as follows -

A Member of a martial arts club or historic re-enactment society that holds 3rd party liability insurance.

A registered theatrical events company or film / tv production company.

A Historic re-enactment event that holds 3rd party liability insurance.

A Religious ceremony.